What You Need to Know About World Blood Donor Day

World Blood Donor Day is celebrated every year on the birth anniversary of Karl Landsteiner on June 14. This global event was initiated and affirmed by the World Health Organization, the International Federation of Red Cross, and Red Crescent Societies. The aim of carving out this day is to raise public awareness for the need of safe blood donations by healthy persons. The event also serves to raise awareness about blood safety and how blood products are used. It is also a day set out to appreciate blood donors for saving lives via their donations.

Other Objectives of the World Blood Donor Day

  1. To raise awareness on the benefits of blood donation.
  2. To support effective national blood donor programs
  3. To reduce the dependency on paid and family blood donation.
  4. To promote international collaboration regarding the principles of voluntary non-paid donation, as well as increasing blood availability and safety.
  5. To maintain an adequate blood supply for all patients requiring transfusion, all year round.
  6. To promote and sensitize the public on low-risk behavior so that people can protect their health and have safe blood.


Indeed, an effective blood service that affords patients with access to safe blood and other blood products in large quantity is a key feature of an effective global health system. To ensure sufficient and safe blood supplies there’s need to develop a nationally operated blood transfusion service that is based on voluntary non-paid blood donations. However, in a significant number of countries, blood services are tasked with making sufficient blood available. They also face the challenge of ensuring blood safety. 

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