Why Do I Have Stomach Pain After Eating?

Discomfort or stomach pain after eating has several causes. Most times, if the pain happens after you eat and go away, the problem is the food. But if you have other symptoms or experience the pain after changing your diet, it could be a medical condition. Ahead, here are some reasons why you have stomach pain after eating. 


The food you eat may lead to a stomach ache after eating. Pain could be caused by food poisoning, consuming acidic foods, trapped air in the digestive tract, indigestion, eating too much,a food allergy, or consuming spicy food. Drinking alcohol or caffeine can also cause stomach ache after eating. 

Medical Conditions

Some medical issues can make your stomach hurt after eating. The conditions include gastritis, inflammatory bowel disease, stomach ulcer, irritable bowel system, gallstones, as well as heartburn. Other medical conditions include celiac disease, and overactive thyroid.


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Stress can lead to tense muscles. This creates discomfort or pain in the stomach. To prevent this, take slow deep breaths before you eat. This helps to relax the muscles. You should also eat slowly. 


Poor bowel movement or difficulty in passing stool may cause constipation. A stomach ache is a common symptom of constipation. Fluid intake can reduce it.

Being Overweight

You can develop conditions such as heartburn and stomach ulcer if you are overweight. You can lose some pounds to limit the risk of stomach pain after eating.


There you have it. You can change your eating pattern or visit a medical practitioner if you experience stomach pain on a regular basis.

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