What a Clean Bill of Health Means

In the medical world, there are several documents that relate to the health status of individuals. One of such is a clean bill of health. According to medical practices, this bill of health is a bill that certifies the absence of infectious disease in a person or group of people. For instance, the clean bill of health as a certification of health status affirms and reveals the absence of a contagious disease on a ship.

It is also a form of assurance signed off by a doctor or medical practitioner attesting that one is in a good state, healthwise. Moreover, a clean bill of health is an assurance, which is also an official verdict by an accredited committee, that an individual or a group of people, after succinct investigation, has proven fit and sound for a particular office or position.

Besides, this bill of health also stands for a decision made by an individual in a place of authority that a particular thing or person is in good condition. A clean bill of health is also a document that’s gotten from officials of a port of departure. This document indicates to the officials of the port of arrival whether a ship is carrying a contagious disease. This can be in the form of the ship itself or through its crewmen or passengers.

Also for ports, the bill of health is a document issued by the public authorities of the port which a ship sails from or the consul, describing the health of the port at the period when the vessel was cleared. It . certifies that at the specified date of its issue, no infectious disease existed in the port or its environs.

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