Try This Olive Oil Makeup Remover Recipe

Makeup types such as mascara and eye makeup prove stubborn sometimes. The waterproof kind are especially difficult to remove. There are several brands of makeup removers that can help with removal. But many makeup removers contain chemicals that may irritate the skin and can dry out sensitive skin.

What would you do when you don’t want to wake up with stains all over your pillowcase or you don’t want to opt for makeup removers with chemicals that may irritate the skin? 

The best thing to do is to make your own natural makeup remover. You can do this with olive oil. And then add other natural ingredients like water and aloe water.  

Olive Oil Makeup Remover Recipe

Mix olive oil together with aloe water. Do this in a glass jar. Make sure the jar is one that seals tightly. If you don’t have a jar, use a plastic bottle. 

Before you apply this olive oil remover, shake the content in the jar together to emulsify. Then apply the mixture to a cotton pad. Then, wipe off the makeup gently. 

Other Olive Oil Remover Recipe

Use extra virgin olive oil or plain olive oil. You’ll Also need water and a jar or container to house the olive oil makeup remover.

You can also get a tablespoon to measure the oil or water. 

When you have all these, you can proceed to measure. Take 2 tablespoons of olive oil and a tablespoon of water. You can scrap this or add more depending on the size of your container.

Then you shake! Close the cap of the bottle or the lid and shake the mixture well.

Finally, you can try it out. Start with a skin patch test on your hand. You want to make sure it is sage for your skin.

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