Alzheimer’s disease

Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease, Naturally

Alzheimer’s disease
Learn 3 ways to help slow the effects of Alzheimer’s disease.

November is National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month. This chronic condition is a huge crisis in our society today. Over 5.7 million Americans are living with this condition. It’s crazy to think that, without warning, you could be the next person diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Learn more about Alzheimer’s disease and possible preventions by reading ahead.

Symptoms and Risks of Alzheimer’s Disease

Memory loss can be the first clear symptom of Alzheimer’s or other types of dementia. This chronic condition affects the brain in such a way that it can impair your problem-solving skills and also make it hard for you to understand simple things. While the majority of those suffering from Alzheimer’s are over age 50, there are many bad habits that can accelerate this condition as you age.

The first risk factor is having a family history of Alzheimer’s disease or other conditions that damage the heart and blood vessels. These conditions include heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure. In addition to that – smoking, alcohol, and obesity are all huge factors in speeding up the effects of Alzheimer’s disease. If it continues developing, it can lead to blood clots that in many cases can be fatal.

3 Alzheimer’s Disease Prevention Basics

Through modern medicine, we now have treatments that slow the effects of Alzheimer’s, but we still have yet to find a cure. However, the good news is that there are several natural ways to help maintain healthy cognitive function.

Exercise: One way of fighting and reducing your risk against Alzheimer’s disease is by being physically active. Regular exercise has been found to have a direct correlation with lowering the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Nutrition and Supplements: There are many great vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in foods that help support brain health and provide memory support. For example, berries, especially cherries, have anti-inflammatory properties and also contain high amounts of powerful antioxidants.

Eating the right diet, all the time, can sometimes be challenging, so taking nutritional supplements can help fill the gaps – even when you may not be eating right. Many people use supplements for supporting overall brain health and that help give them a clear mind. For example, try Mental Clarity to support a healthy mind. Also search for brain health support supplements from natural health brands such as Banyan Botanicals, Metagenics, Thorne Research, and Garden of Life.

Brain Games: A third, easy way to stay mentally sharp and alert is by playing brain games. Crossword puzzles, Sudoku, and memory games can all help maintain the healthy function of your brain during aging.

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