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Nutrition Tips for Pets

nutrition tips
Try these nutrition tips to keep your pets healthy!

As humans, we try to focus on the nutritional well-being of our own kind, which is amazing! However, how many people are as sensitive about their pet’s nutritional health and well-being?  The quality of foods and vitamins that animals consume affect them in the same positive/negative manner as people. After all, they are a part of the family, right?

Animals Aren’t Immune 

The majority of pets in the U.S. are fed foods that are manufactured particularly for their species. With this in mind, it’s important to understand that just because a product is made for your kind of pet, does not necessarily mean it a good choice.

Generic brands may not contain quality ingredients or the essential vitamins your pet needs nutritionally. For example, there are thousands of low-quality food products, meant for human consumption, that are sold in stores and can have detrimental effects if consumed in excess.

Studies have shown that dogs, cats, and many other popular household pets are just as susceptible to obesity, arthritis, periodontal disease, diabetes, and cancer if they consume excess calories and over-processed foods.

Dangerous Ingredients

In 2007, there were more incidents of kidney failure in dogs and cats than usual, due to the consumption of pet foods containing melamine (contaminated wheat gluten). The use of melamine, as opposed to higher quality muscle meat or whole grains, was all for profit! Not only that, many dog and cat food companies have been known to use extremely poor quality meat that is full of toxins. It’s very important to do the research on your pet food manufacturer to make sure your pet’s health isn’t being compromised!

Pet Supplements

Making sure your animal is given high quality food is great, and will contribute to their health and well-being in the long term. However, there are still many cases in which animals don’t receive ALL of the necessary nutrition they need, from food alone.

Just like humans, supplementation can maximize and equalize their overall health. Check out Pet Wellbeing! This company uses all natural ingredients from plants and herbs to treat over 120 different ailments that affect dogs, cats, and more. Help ensure that your pet’s health is taken care of, with one of the custom supplements at Pet Wellbeing.

All Creatures are Equal 

Who says you have to buy supplements meant for pets? If you think of your animal as a person who should be treated and fed as such, look no further than Thorne Research! They offer some of the purest, highest quality therapeutic supplements to enhance health and well-being of people (and animals) everywhere. Browse their pet supplements products here.


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