How to Run a 10K in 6 Weeks

Aspiring to run a 10k in 6 weeks is realistic for those who are presently running 3-5 times a week. It’s also practical for those who can comfortably take on several miles at a time. You can use the below plan to train for your first 10K. Moreover, opt for this if you have previously completed a 10K race, but you want to improve your time. This plan is not for beginners. Reason being that the speedwork and volume can be difficult for new runners.

Training Schedule

This training plan encompasses five days per week of regular running – two simple runs, a day of speedwork, one day of a long run, and a day of a recovery run.

Do well to fit these into the weekdays according to your schedule. Here’s a recommended schedule:

  • Monday – Cross train or rest.
  • Tuesday – Easy run.
  • Wednesday – Speedwork.
  • Thursday – Rest.
  • Friday – Easy run.
  • Saturday – Long run.
  • Sunday – Recovery run.

Here is a more in-depth explainer for what each of these means.

  • Easy Pace – Normal and comfortably paced runs.
  • Long Runs – Longest run during the week. They help build your endurance for a 10K run. Do these at a steady and comfortable pace. Avoid starting out fast and dropping your pace in the concluding minutes.
  • Recovery Run – It’s needed after your long run because you’ll be sore and tired. Recovery runs add some simple mileage to your week. This should be run slower than the pace easy.
  • Tempo Run – Schedule 45 minutes for your tempo run. Start with 10 minutes of easy pace running, move to a little slower than race pace for about 25 minutes, and then cool off at the easy pace for 10 minutes.

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