How Thyroid Nodules and Swollen Lymph Nodes Affect Health

The thyroid is a gland in front of the neck that is shaped like a butterfly. It is a central gland because it produces the hormone that controls the body’s metabolic processes. Thyroid nodules are lumps that are found in positions around the thyroid gland and may be present for a number of reasons.

Some of these lumps are felt easily, while some are not. There is a chance that they are located low in the gland or deep in the thyroid tissue. This makes their detection a bit difficult. As a matter of fact, just about four to seven percent of thyroid nodules can be felt by palpation. These nodules exist in different forms and types. There is one that is filled with fluid or blood, while there is another that secretes excess thyroid hormones, which can be a problem. There may also be benign nodules (some of these are cancerous).

The occurrence of thyroid nodules can be for different reasons, including:

Inflammation of the Thyroid Gland

Nodules may form when the thyroid gland is inflamed. This condition is known as subacute thyroiditis. This is a rare condition, but it is possible after a viral infection, such as mumps, upper respiratory virus, and flu.

Deficiency of Iron

Iron is an essential mineral in the body. When you are deficient, there is a chance that hormone production has dropped, which can lead to the development of an enlarged thyroid, goiter, or nodules.


This is a condition where there is over-secretion of the hormone called thyroxine. This is one of the hormones secreted by the thyroid gland.

The presence of thyroid nodules and lymph nodes come with these symptoms and they all affect the general body functioning.

  • Uncomfortable ticklish feeling in the throat.
  • Respiratory difficulties.
  • Distorted vocals.
  • Swallowing difficulties.
  • Choking sensations.

All in all, due to the location of the thyroid, nodules and lymph nodes affect the activities of the respiratory system and digestive system. No matter your life situation, understanding thyroid health is important. These are shown in peristaltic and respiratory discomforts. If you suspect that you have a thyroid condition, make sure to speak with a health specialist immediately.

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