Get the Natural Look with Non-Toxic Makeup Brands

We all like to treat ourselves with quality beauty products that will keep us looking our best. But with an increased awareness on health, we are finding out more information on the ingredients in beauty products and how unhealthy they can be. Fortunately, there are a number of cosmetic brands out there that are doing their best to keep their products non-toxic. This article will look at some makeup ingredients you want to avoid and some non-toxic makeup brands whose products you can use without ever having to worry about potential health risks.

There are a number of ingredients you want to avoid in beauty and skin care products. Find out more below!

Avoid These Ingredients

  • Sodium lauryl sulfate: Found in shampoos, body washes, foundations, face wash, mouthwash and toothpaste, SLS has been shown to contribute to skin irritation, canker sores, eye damage, and can also potentially cause acne.
  • BHA: Found in exfoliants and perfumes, BHA can be classified as a human carcinogen causing skin depigmentation, liver damage, and certain stomach cancers.
  • Parabens: Found in makeup, moisturizer, shaving gel, shampoo, lubricants and spray tan products, parabens may cause certain types of cancer and cause reproductive and developmental disorders.
  • Fragrance: Found in moisturizers, deodorant, lotion, face cream, shampoo and conditioner, when the term “fragrance” is used in an ingredient list, it is unknown exactly what chemicals are used since this information is not required to be provided by federal law. Fragrances have been known to contain hormone disruptors and are among the top 5 allergens in the world.
  • Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, and Formaldehyde: Popularly used in nail polish and nail products, these chemicals have been linked to birth defects, endocrine disruption, headaches, and respiratory products.

Non-Toxic Beauty Products

Luckily there are non-toxic makeup brands you can trust to never put these harmful ingredients into their products. Zoya is one of these brands. Zoya is a nail polish and nail product company that provides great, long lasting colors that are always free of harmful chemicals like DBP, camphor, toluene, formaldehyde and formaldehyde resin.

The Jane Iredale brand is another one of these non-toxic makeup brands. The product line offers mineral based makeup that is guaranteed to be free of toxic chemicals and actually provides many benefits for the skin. Iredale’s products include eye shadows, blushes, foundations and concealers, that appeal to women of all ages and ethnicities and are guaranteed to make you look and feel beautiful.

Beauty products can help us get that look we’re after, but it is unfortunate that many of them contain ingredients that can be harmful to our health. Make sure your beauty products are safe by checking ingredient lists before purchasing. Or, make things even easier, and shop with non-toxic makeup brands you can trust. Here’s to a safe, healthy and beautiful new you!


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