Free Family Activities to do During Labor Day Weekend

Finally, you made it through the struggles of a strange spring and summer! But as you are getting settled in a new routine, you realize that it is time to celebrate Labor Day! This day is usually celebrated on the first Monday in the month of September. Labor Day was coined by the labor movement in the later part of the 19th century. Since 1894, it has become a Federal holiday. 

You’re likely not a stranger to labor days. The additional cleaning, cooking, and parenting associated with staying home means that on the next Labour Day, you deserve the  best you have ever had. The good news is that a significant number of stores and restaurants are on lock and keys on Labor Day. So, you might have a holiday that feels as normal as your typical weekend. You need to think of fun and free activities that you can enjoy with your family on Labour Day. 

For one, you could organize a barbecue or cook out. Search for the best grilling recipes and simple summer desserts. Play different outdoor games with the family; ensure that these games are suitable for all ages. 

Moreover, you can take out the bikes and plan your own socially distanced Labor Day parade around your block. You can also go to the park and enjoy a simple outdoor picnic.  

You see, the possibilities are endless!

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