Best Places to Meditate

Meditation is a wonderful mental and spiritual exercise. It calms the soul and helps the mind to stay alert and focused. Meditation can help people live a more peaceful and productive life.

When it comes to the big question of the best places to meditate, there are many great options available. While a quiet room is an excellent first choice, there are many other alternatives to try. The best places for meditation aren’t necessarily exotic. What’s most important is to minimize distractions so you can let your spirit roam free.

Below are some of the best places to meditate.

Parks and Gardens

A secluded and serene spot in a park or garden can be a great meditation venue. The cool zephyr, birds chirping, and the lush green vegetation can give you the serenity and harmony you need to have an excellent spiritual journey.

Rooftops, Balconies, and Patios

If you’re looking to change your meditation venue, rooftops, patios or balconies are worth considering. Safe, accessible and calm rooftops let you sit comfortable and soak in the morning sun as you enjoy your silent routine. Just make sure you take along some water along with you.

Beside Rivers and Fountains

River banks, fountains and streams also are great spots for meditation. The subtle sound of running water can calm the mind and inspire it to remain in the present. When you meditate near flowing water, allow your mind’s stream of thoughts to flow in a similar manner – continuous and non-obstructed.

Other wonderful meditation spots also include holy places, temples, churches and mosques. You can also consider transforming one of your rooms into a special meditation spot. Just make sure it’s clean, tidy and well organized enough to fit the purpose.

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